Tino Menor will be on Maggie’s Stage at 12pm on Sunday 22nd July. Book tickets here.

Tino is a Flamenco and classical guitar player.

He began studying classical guitar at the age of 18 at the National School of Music of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. In 2006 he met Pepe Jimenez who taught him flamenco guitar for the first time and then started to attend flamenco dance classes to play guitar.

In 2009 he organised the “Autumn Guitar Fair” in which he performed a guitar concert with the orchestra “Un Dia de Noviembre”.

After finishing his studies he travelled through Mexico playing in important theatres and looking for new musical styles. His journey took him to London where he met Tito Heredia, his guitar teacher, and Nuria Garcia, head teacher and Artistic Director of Escuela de Baile, London. He still attends the school where he continues to study the flamenco guitar.