The People Pile will be performing throughout the day on Maggie’s Stage on Sunday 22nd July. Book tickets here.

The People Pile are a community of creative movement enthusiasts who thrive on bouncing and sharing ideas; with roughly 30 performers and collaborators on The Pile, they are passionate about sharing dance with new and un-suspecting audiences.

Piling since December 2010, they are a growing multi-creative culture with a penchant for performance and flare to dance in alternative spaces.
Adaptable and thoughtful to new environments The People Pile create performances, which connect and engage with wider and new audiences.

‘Our walkabout performances combine detailed technical dances wrapped in bizarre and engaging concepts, they interact with people, jumping between impressive formations, humorous moments, energetic movements, and human interactions. The People Pile encourage alternative communication, showing, sharing, and stirring the people and spaces they encounter.’

‘This weeks hottest happening’- Evening Standard (31st May 2013)