The Great Brain Robbery will be all day on Maggie’s Stage and early evening on the Gorse Stage on Sunday 22nd July. Book tickets here.

The Great Brain Robbery returns to Curious Arts Festival on Sunday 22nd July 2018 with a fun-filled musical circumnavigation of the globe in just 80 days – well actually one day!

As we travel the world, The Great Brain Robbery explore different geographical locations on our journey and at each stop we will be entertained by musicians from that particular part of the world.

The expedition will of course be lead by Phileas Fogg himself, accompanied by his loyal valet, Passpartout and other travelling companions.

Conceived in 2005, the night is the brainchild of rock star impresario Gus Robertson – Razorlight / Rotten Hill Gang – who somehow managed to tour the world while also running this and a London venue – the 20th Century Theatre on Portobello Road

The Great Brain Robbery presents a uniquely engaging experience with its acts curated around an ever-changing theme
tailor made to fit each occasion

Whether it be a 1980s dystopian view of the future a trip aboard the Yellow Submarine a journey through the excesses of fame or an encounter at Robert Johnson’s fateful crossroads the sound and entire aesthetic of the night work together to trick the mind into believing in this alternate reality til you too become part of it