Lokandes will be on Maggie’s Stage at 5.15pm on Sunday 22nd July. Book tickets here.

Lokandes are fronted by whirldwind musical master Kanti Qena and related their name to the combination of two words: ‘Crazy’ and ‘Andes’ which represents the intention of their music: Crazy music from the Andes. The project aims to create alternative music, taking the melodies and energy of Andean music and bringing it up to date; creating a fusion of traditional roots and Afro-Andean rhythms with other contemporary genres such as Reggae, Cumbia, Ska, Jazz, Son, Rumba Folk and funky Latin rhythms.

They unite musicians and instruments from Peru, Bolivia, Spain, France, China, Chile and the UK in their first phase and set their highly original music, alongside socially conscious lyrics and a super-tight rhythm section bringing awareness to Latin-American and worlwide cultures with their music. Nowadays the bands is in their second phase and are keeping their multiculturalists essence with musicians from Panama, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Canaries Isle and the UK.  They supported in London the legendary band Los Kjarkas & Susana Baca, Juanito Ayala, Miki Gonzalez in their London shows.

Lokandes project started in London during December 2007, by Karlos Saldaña [Kanti Qena] and set up the full band between  the 2008 and 2009.

The original members of the band are: Kanti Qena (Peru), Jeanette Rojas (Bolivia), Ayose de Alejandro (Canarian Island) , Joe James (England), Feng Bao (China ), Gabriel Lavenant (France), Kieffer Santander(Peru).

Current members are: Kanti Qena (Peru), Jeanette Rojas (Bolivia), Kieffer Santander (Peru), Ruben Ramos (Panama), Yuri Betancourt (Chile) & Michael Baldwin (England).

Their first release is called “Positive energy” and the second album will be released this year.