Isaac Gracie will be on the Gorse Stage at 8.15pm on Friday 20th July. Book tickets here.

The self-titled “Isaac Gracie” will be released on the 13 th April through Virgin EMI.

Isaac Gracie has been finding his feet and working out who he is and discovering what he wants since the industry spotlight fell on him. The fuss was caused by a dusty-sounding, careworn home recording of Last Words that was uploaded online without expectation and any anticipation of what might follow. The voice behind it was completely new to the premise of where writing a great song might lead him. Even now he’d tell you that he’s still slowly working it all out, but this debut collection sounds as fully-realised and confident as any of recent memory.

Gracie’s struggles of sudden prominence and living up to such promise are already well-documented. But his debut reveals how he stepped back from the spotlight and took the time sorely required to create something remarkable.

It was largely produced by Markus Dravs at RAK Studios in London and features eleven tracks including the recent singles Terrified and The Death of You & I. Alongside the new record release is his new single, Last Words, the original demo of which acted as the very first introduction to Isaac’s music.

Listen to Last Words here

Isaac Gracie is a new British voice, poetic in his placement of words and accomplished in their delivery.