Elle Watson will be on Maggie’s Stage at 2.45pm on Friday 20th July. Book tickets here.

When Elle Watson writes, she’s drawn to subjects that are a little off-kilter. Maybe even a little dark. “I find a sense of imbalance so inspiring,” says the 19-year-old singer-songwriter. “That can be in anything: contradictions that you have in yourself, or something that you feel isn’t right in a situation. When I write, I just put my hands on the piano, and find a bit of dissonance that I find really pretty. Then I go from there.”

It’s this tendency in her songwriting toward the jarring and the eerily beautiful that got her signed to Paul Epworth’s Wolf Tone label at the tender age of 16. Watson has a gothic literary edge, absorbed from poetry and thriller novels, that flickers powerfully through her songs. She may be drawing on dark subject matter but, as her debut EP proves, Elle Watson’s future is nothing but bright.