At only 17 years old, Ferdy Ray doesn’t have quite the same credentials as many other comedians, but his mum thinks he’s “alright”, and that’s what matters. Ferdy started performing stand-up when he was just 14, and since then has had two very successful years at the Brighton and Edinburgh Festivals alongside people his own age as well as grown-ups like Ed Byrne and Kate Tempest, and now returns to Curious for his second year.

Having somehow already encountered several midlife crises, Ferdy wows audiences with his “original” and “thought-provoking” takes on life as a teenager, and, like all teenagers, finds great pleasure in beating audiences across the head with stories of how he thinks the world works. You may laugh, you may cry, but then you’ll go and see him perform and be more or less indifferent.

“Humour, verve and timing” – Broadway Baby

“The absolute freshest young shoot coming through the comedy soil” – Simon Evans

“Comedic timing straight out of the West End” – G-Scene

“He has no right to be that funny” – A drag queen Ferdy met in Leicester