Everybody should walk  – Werner Herzog

Walking is a simple activity, much enjoyed these days. It features on television and radio and even has its own apps. Walking journals and walking in fiction pile high in our bookshops as well. But why do we all go walking? Fair to say, you’ll be walking around Curious this weekend, and it might be for more compelling reasons than getting from ‘a to b’ or enjoying the fresh air..

Duncan Minshull is a life-long stroller, who has written extensively on the subject for newspapers and magazines and has published three books: ‘While Wandering’, ‘The Burning Leg’, and coming this October, ‘Beneath My Feet’. On Saturday and Sunday he will be taking a group of fellow travellers around the quieter areas of the festival and reading from various accounts about the joys of walking. He would welcome input from his fellow travellers too. Your favourite journeys on foot? And why, in fact, do you go walking all the time?

You will need to book in advance to guarantee a place. Please click here to sign-up for Wandering and for other book in advance events.