Ginkgo Ecopoetry Workshop with Miriam Darlington        

“The animal that is poetry thrives when under pressure,” David Knowles and Sharon Blackie have said. With the constant goading pressures of species extinction and the reality of climate change this subtle form of activism is enjoying a resurgence. In this workshop we will see how a poem can help us do the work that reconnects us to what is real and vital in our lives. With a simple yet enlightening writing exercise we will explore our entanglement with other species and give voice to the animals: the animal within, the animal without, and the animal that is poetry.

This workshop is supported by the Edward Goldsmith Foundation, Poetry School and The Ginkgo Prize – the world’s largest prize for ecopoetry. Entries from June 1st 2018 to August 15th, 2018.

You will need to book in advance to guarantee a place. Please click here to sign-up for Ginkgo Ecopoetry and for other book in advance events.