Robert Montgomery’s fire poems are reflective moments at dusk that encourage a state of poetic contemplation. His first fire poem was commissioned by The Edinburgh Art Festival in 2013 and he has since made fire poems in the gardens of the Musee du Louvre, the California desert, on the UN border between Greek and Turkish Cyrpus, and at the end point of the Thames estuary where the Thames meets the sea. 

Montgomery had said of his fire poems, “I wanted to make a contemporary art medium out of something ancient- until the 16th century the Celtic parts of Britain used seasonal fire ceremonies to mark our solstices and equinoxes. In Scotland, where I come from, the arrival of Calvinism killed the tradition. I always felt instinctively that Calvinism took away our sense of magic and I wanted to reconnect with the magic.”

For The Curious Arts Festival we have commissioned a special fire poem to mark dusk on the Saturday.