Emma Douglas is a conceptual artist working in paint, print, sculpture, photography and film. She will be assisted by Wendelien McNicoll, a person-centred Integrative Counsellor.
‘Take a blank postcard, remember an event, write down or draw what you think might have comforted you, mix and shuffle and take another that has already been written on, react, talk, cry or laugh but be kind.
My work takes a long time to make and the time reflects the real time of the events that inspire it.
Some watercolours and oil paintings are large with thousands of small squares, each a different colour and each representing an event that took place. Numbers and colour are crucial. The sculptures are made of found objects that are painted and combined to create a structure that can hold the words that I write. I use mirrors to help the viewer peak into my world. The postcards are a record of my journeys and a conversation. My films are short and show the passing of time and the fragility of life. My etchings are made with multiple plates and subtle colours and represent past thoughts and present feelings. My words mark the places I visit. I paint murals in public spaces, each one represents a year of my sons life, in places that were significant to him, there will be 22 in all. They are made up of 365 rectangles, one for every day, the colours are symbols for events that took place.
I work from my diaries and his hospital records.
Instagram @emmadouglas_a_tender_walk
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