If you have a smartphone in your pocket, you have everything you need to make a movie. Combining the simplest of tools with some basic tradecraft, this course will have you telling stories with pictures in no time. The self-contained workshop will last 90 minutes as the group gathers footage to re-create a seemingly simple action sequence from a well-know film. The session will be conducted on a rotating crew basis with every participant having a go at each of the main disciplines (blocking, lighting, shooting, editing).

You will need to book in advance to guarantee a place. Please click here to sign-up for Children’s Film and for other book in advance events.


About Wojciech Duczmal

In 2012 Wojciech collaborated with the publishers Faber & Faber on a unique hybrid-media edition of Michael Smith’s novel ‘Unreal City’. The resulting iBook was considered a gold standard in mixed-media publishing and entrenched his deep connection with the publishing world.

Wojciech’s editing career reached its peak when he cut ‘Annabel’s: A String of Naked Lightbulbs’ for RSA and executive producer Ridley Scott. He joined Hoot a few months after finishing the film. While at Hoot, he has edited dozens of commercials and directed numerous spots for clients such as Netflix, The Guardian, Thomas Cook, Lego, & Barclaycard.