New River Press will be curating two days of music, spoken word and performance on Saturday 21st July and Sunday 22nd in the New River Tent. Book tickets here.

Sophie Naufal is a London based British-Lebanese composer and performer who works in a variety of mediums. As a singer-songwriter and guitarist she writes wry, dark, and sharply observed narratives of modern life. She has performed around the U.K. as well as in Portugal, Lebanon, Australia, America and Thailand, where she spent time as the resident musician in a jazz bar. As a composer and producer she has written for theatre, film, and performance pieces. Blending a vast array of samples from around the world with her own singing and instrumentals she creates innovative and elegant soundscapes. Most recently she composed the music forĀ Me, You, Us, Them, a play about race and racism in Northern Ireland by Terra Nova productions.

Sophie Naufal will be performing in the New River Press tent.