David Fox-Pitt has been inspiring people to embrace adventure, become more resourceful, build resilience and encourage a healthy attitude to fear and failure for over thirty years.

In his recent book, Positiverosity, 7 Golden Principles he tells a series of stories based around his own international expeditions, his training in the special forces and his experience in business. He uses these anecdotes to illustrate his powerful message of positive-generosity.

In 1999 David Fox-Pitt set up his own outdoor challenge company in Scotland and founded The Loch Ness Marathon (now the UK’s 3rd largest marathon). Since then he has been the driving force behind such epic events as The Maggie’s Monster Bike and Hike, The Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon and The Glencoe Gathering. In 2015 WildFox Events launched The Etape Royale in response to the growing demand for exciting closed road sportive cycling events.

Fox-Pitt’s company has raised in excess of £40 million for charities worldwide through adventure challenges. He completed the entire, 100 mile, Etape Royale on a penny farthing.

We are delighted to welcome David, and his penny farthing, to Curious this year.