New River Press will be curating two days of music, spoken word and performance on Saturday 21st July and Sunday 22nd in the New River Tent. Book tickets here.

David Erdos is an actor, poet, playwright, critic, director, illustrator, lecturer, workshop leader and composer with over 400 professional credits across built up over 25 years. He has worked closely with Harold Pinter, Henry Woolf, Snoo Wilson, Heathcote Williams, Alan Moore, Pete Brown, Steve Hackett, Youth, Chris Petit, and Iain Sinclair in whose recent book The Last London, he features. David is co-ordinator and lead reviewer for International Times and has been writer and director in residence for numerous theatre companies across the UK and Europe and Head of Acting for a number of Universities, Theatre schools and colleges internationally. His books Easy Verses For Difficult Times, Oil On Silver, and The Scar On The Cloud (all available from Penniless Press) detail the range of his experiences within the counter culture and he is proud to be collaborating with a range of vital new and established artists including Robert Montgomery, The NAL, David Bramwell, That Joe Payne and the House of Mythology and Suriya Recordings record labels.   

David Eros will be performing in the New River Press tent