Daniel Maier will be on at 4.15pm on Sunday 22nd July in the East End Tent. Book tickets here.

Daniel Maier has written everything from Harry Hill’s TV Burp to Emmerdale. Well, not everything, or he would also have written The Office, Line of Duty and Octonauts. Let’s not go crazy. He has, though, written on four BAFTA-winning comedy shows, a short film for Sky, A Channel 4 comedy pilot, a funny football book and co-written A Touch Of Cloth with Charlie Brooker. His Radio 4 sitcom Life On Egg, in which he appears alongside Harry Hill, returns for a second series next year.

Sir Francis Galton was a brilliant and peculiar Victorian. He was a crucial figure in the development of statistics and the study of heredity, but in Ideas Man: The Stranger Notions of Francis Galton, Daniel Maier takes a whistle-stop tour of some of Galton’s odder and less-celebrated achievements and obsessions – from scientific tea-making and the dog whistle to proving the pointlessness of prayer and testing insect hearing.