Dan Richards was born in Wales in 1982. He is co-author of Holloway with Robert Macfarlane and Stanley Donwood, first published in 2012 as a limited run of 277 books – letterpress printed by Richard Lawrence in his Oxford workshop. Faber & Faber published a general edition in 2013.

The Beechwood Airship Interviews, a journey into the head-spaces and workplaces of some of Britain’s most unique artists, craftsman and technicians, was published by HarperCollins in 2015.

Climbing Days, an exploration of the writing and climbing lives of Dan’s great great aunt and uncle – Dorothy Pilley and I.A. Richards – was published in 2016 and his new book Outpost: A Journey to the Wild Ends of the Earth will be the subject of his event at this year’s Curious Arts Festival.