The Oldie’s “mistress of social types” illustrator Chelsea Renton, takes us on her journey from traditional portraiture to cartooning.

Chelsea Renton is a portrait artist, cartoonist and illustrator who has spent many years observing the British in all their foibles and follies, and with all their warts and wrinkles. Notable portraits include Sir George Christie, Richard E Grant, Denis Healey and Arthur Brown “the God of Hellfire”. Her illustrated ‘Field Guide to the Peoples of the British Isles’, based on her regular Oldie cartoon strip, will be published in November 2019 (Oneworld). Before returning to her home town of Lewes, she worked as a political advisor during the Balkan Wars and now, when not staring at people, she is an active campaigner on green and local housing issues.

Clay Head Making Workshop:

The art of caricature. A practical workshop to give you the basic skills to take home and cruelly lampoon your friends. The workshop will have space for a maximum of 20 participants. Advanced booking will be required.

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