Daphna Baram will be performing a shorter version of her Chicken Soup Crusader show at the Curious Arts Festival 2017.

Daphna Baram, a Middle Eastern Mary Poppins, used to be a proper person before a turn of events involving two weddings, Chris Morris and a heart attack launched her onto the rocky road of stand up comedy in 2010.

Back in the day she was an Israeli human rights lawyer representing Palestinians in military courts in the West Bank and Gaza, a hard nosed News Editor, a researching Oxford academic, a freelance journalist and a University lecturer.

Her book Disenchantment: The Guardian and Israel was published in 2004. She also contributed a short story out of her show Something to Declare to the crowd-writing collection Turning Points, published in 2016, and wrote extensively for the Guardian, the Independent and Israeli newspapers. She appeared as a commentator on radio and television shows for Al Jazeera, various BBC shows, and documentaries.

Daphna has performed comedy across the UK as well as in Barcelona, Rome, Paris and Dublin. She took part in the Edinburgh Fringe, The Brighton Fringe, Women in Comedy Festival, Leicester Comedy Festival, and others.

Her current show, Chicken Soup Crusader is her 5th Solo Show for EdFringe, following Killing Miss D (2013), AKA Miss D (2014), Something to Declare (2015) and Begging to Differ (2016).

Chicken Soup Crusader is the story of a woman who can’t tell a lie in our new world of alternative facts. Follow her spoonful of hummus and her semi automatic umbrella, and she’d lead you to a safe shore, or sink laughing.