The Kanga Spa is a haven of peace and tranquility, a place to indulge your inner self and take a break from the outside world. Sessions include: Meditation and Yoga classes, Soundscape sessions, Therapeutic movement workshops and Gaia Yoga-Dance. We offer a wide range of holistic therapies including Massage Therapies, Reflexology, Homeopathic Treatments, Remedies and more.

Open daily 7.30am until 9pm. Book sessions and therapies online.

For more information, please visit email or call 07961485616 / 07729455486.


Swedish Body Massage
Deeply relaxing and soothing medium pressure, therapeutic full body massage. Book

Aromatherapy Massage
A powerful blend of the finest organic essential oils, to soothe and balance body and mind. A therapeutic medium pressure body massage. Book

Deep Tissue Massage
Working intensely with deep direct pressure, to relieve chronic muscle tension. Breaks down knots and releases toxins. Book.

Reflex areas of the feet correspond to all glands, organs and parts of the body. The feet map the body and by massaging and working the reflexes in a precise way, stimulating the body to restore equilibrium and well being. Book

A gentle, non-intrusive healing technique, whereby the practitioner brings universal healing energy through their hands and uses that energy to heal and restore the body at all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. During the treatment, any blocked or stuck energy can be released allowing energy to flow freely. Book

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage
Combines traditional Indian oil Deep Tissue Massage and assisted Yoga-Based Stretching Therapy. The treatment involves alternation between Deep Tissue massage and a series of stretches covering all regions of the body. Both hands and feet are used in the delivery of the massage. Book


Our meditation classes will take you through a wide range of meditation techniques to facilitate a soothing sense of tranquility, allowing the consciousness to come forward and the chatter of the mind to settle.
7.30am – 8.30am on Saturday, Sunday, Monday & 6.30pm – 7.15pm on Friday, Sunday. Book

Kanga Yoga
Kanga Yoga adapts yoga to the individual rather than the individual to yoga; integrating sound, asana and mudra to bring the body and mind into balance and harmony.
9am – 10.15am on Saturday, Sunday, Monday & 5pm- 6.15pm on Friday, Saturday, SundayBook

Family Kanga Yoga
Kanga is always developing fun and creative skill building sessions for families to enjoy. Yoga, movement and music.
10.45am – 11.45am on Saturday, Sunday & 3pm – 4pm on Friday, Saturday, SundayBook

Kanga Soundscape
Participants are given wireless headphones and everyone is fed the same music, curated by London based electronic music producer, DJ and vocalist, Michelle Cade. Participants will be led through a yoga practice with Emma Bonnici through the headphones and closed with a deep meditative relaxation and head massage.
7.30pm on Saturday & SundayBook

Gaia Yoga-Dance
Yoga asana with a focus on release, unfolding and taking pleasure in movement and surrender. Using ground work and the weight of gravity to encourage supple fluid movement to awaken and relax the muscles in preparation to flow into more expressive movement patterns and dance.
12pm – 1pm on Friday, Saturday, SundayBook

Therapeutic Movement
A therapeutic movement workshop, exploring Jungian ‘Ancient Archetypes’ their cultural resonance throughout human history and their therapeutic implications when taken into the body. Working with static and moving postures to embody universal images and characters, connecting us with these ancient human stories.
1.15pm – 2.15pm on Friday, Saturday, SundayBook

Kirtan is a form of devotional chanting whose roots go back over 500 years to India. It is a form of Bhakti Yoga (yoga of devotion) and has the power to open the heart. The singing is accompanied by musical instruments and rhythmic drumming and the audience is encouraged to participate by chanting, clapping and dancing.
6.30pm – 7.15pm on SaturdayBook