Take a blank postcard, remember an event, write down or draw what you think might have comforted you, mix and shuffle and take another that has already been written on, react, talk, cry or laugh but be kind.

My work is about my son Cato who died in 2010, when he was 21– his life and life without him. I make sculptures of found objects that are painted and combined to create structures that can hold the words that I write. I use mirrors to help the viewer peak into my world and postcards to record my journeys and conversations. My films are short and show the passing of time and the fragility of life. My etchings are made with multiple plates and subtle colours and represent past thoughts and present feelings. I paint murals in public places of significance to Cato, each mural represents a year of his life, each rectangle one day, each colour an event. I write his name wherever I go.

Join Emma Douglas for a moving, inspiring and life-affirming workshop.

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